AXIS 2019 New Wave Surf Kiteboard

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The 2019 AXIS New Wave is a very unique kite-surfboard experience. The recessed deck of the New Wave gives a more direct feeling underfoot. The surface of the board is all EVA, with double density strip along the length of the deck, giving great foothold, an improved feel for the board and cushion landings.

The New Wave is very strong and flexible to provide a super comfortable ride, and sizing in at 5’8” or 5’4”, equally suited to riding waves or flatwater freestyle with uniquely raised rails for aerial grabs flatwater trickery.

The 2019 AXIS New Wave is supplied with 3 (5’8” size) or 4 (5’4” size) AXIS RTM Honeycomb reinforced Futures base surf fins.  Our Global team mostly use the AXIS New Wave strapless but the board has optional AXIS adjustable surf straps until you find your feet.

Available in sizes:

  • 5’8” x 19.25” (3-fin)
  • 5’4” x 18" (4-fin)

Accessories included:
- 3 fins (for the 5'8") or 4 fins (for the 5'4") high performance AXIS FINS

Does Not Include Straps

Infusion lamination

Infused. Molded.
The board is infusion laminated on a base mold, which forms the rails the same on every board. Through infusion we achieve a much cleaner environment, less fumes, and the most accurate way to produce high quality boards, with minimal sanding and hand interference. Also, due to the high pressure of vacuuming, with infusion lamination the weight to strength ratio are optimized (strong boards, light weight)  

PVC Core / Wood Rails

Strong. Smooth.
The AXIS New Wave is made from solid sheet PVC foam and the core is CNC cut top and bottom.It is very strong and flexible to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Paulownia wood rails act as beams for further strength and enhanced flex

Recessed Deck

Deep. Grip.
The AXIS New Wave has the full rails from a surfboard but is only 20mm thick in the center.
Because the deck is recessed, the board is much more stable and also has a nice bit of rail to grab onto while you fly through the air.