Kite Pumps 101

Kite pumps used to inflate our kites are one the most crucial tools we can have in our quiver and its important to know how to take care this piece of equipment so that we can rely on it time after time and not get stuck on the beach without a pump. So here's a few key points to keep in mind.

  1. While a seemingly sturdy, rugged piece of plastic, the pump is NOT indestructible. Inside the main chamber is an air tight valve that pushes air in or out of the shaft. The valve and shaft are greased to prevent overheating of the shaft walls rubbing on the piston.
  2. To prevent kinks or tears in your hose, be sure to ALWAYS take your hose off before storing. You can wrap the hose around the pump, just don't do it while it's still screwed into the intake flow.
  3. Kite nozzles are currency. Treat it as such. WMFG includes a handy bag that you can keep attached at the handle.
  4. If you feel your pump is getting harder to move, unscrew the top opening and clean out the shaft. Make sure to grease it back up before you use it again. There's a chance some sand got in there or other grit that's adding resistance inside the pump.