New AXIS Foils Products


First up in AXIS' latest lineup is the re-hauled carbon masts, the AXIS Foils Power Carbon Mast and the Power Carbon High Modulus Mast, including a new stiffer model. The fiber found in the High Modulus version is the stiffest and strongest  you'll find used in regular constructions. And like their older model, these new ones are a 'one-piece design' -- you don't need a base plate or fuselage adapter (the "doodad") to connect these to your rig. They also come with a mast bag!

Black Advance Fuselagedesigned for those who prone, SUP or wake foil and want to push the limits. These new fuselages have their mast position moved forward by 40mm. This makes your rig turn tighter and connects more waves. These also come with their own fuselage bag. 

Progressive Rear Wings - their fleet of rear wings keeps growing, with new additions to the progressive rear wings to combine excellent speed with amazing turning. 

Board Bags - AXIS branded board bags are here! Designed to fit your AXIS board they are durable and robust! It's got lots of handles, ventilation and padding. Available for purchase with your AXIS Froth or Pump foilboard.