1020 All Around Complete Foil

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-AXIS 1020 Front Wing
-AXIS 500 Freeride Anhedral Carbon Rear Wing
-AXIS Red Standard Fuselage
-AXIS 19mm Aluminum 680mm Foil Mast
-AXIS Doodad-Mast to Fuselage Adapter 19mm
-AXIS 19mm Aluminum Foil Base Plate
-AXIS Stainless Steel Screw Set

1020 All Around Complete Foil - Best suited to riders 80kg (175lbs) and over, or any rider in areas where light winds or small surf prevail.

AXIS Foils 1020mm Front wing is perfect for your wing, surf, sup, pump, downwind or wake foiling sessions. Compatible with AXIS Red fuselage. This is a huge wing designed to catch the smallest little bumps out there. And when it comes to flat water pumping and dock starts, the 1020 dominates.

Graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.

1020mm Front Wing
Technical Data
CHORD: 250cm
ACTUAL AREA: 2051 square cm / 318 square inches
SPAN: 102 cm / 40 inches
PROJECTED AREA: 2013 square cm / 312 square inches
VOLUME: 4161 cubic cm / 254 cubic inches

Recommended use:
Dock Starts, Pumping, smallest SURF, slow speed Wake, Big guy SUP/SURF, Downwinders

The AXIS Carbon 500 rear wing is the most stable of our rear wings. Ideal for the entry level and all round riders, the 500 will make your ride as stable as it gets. Suggested as an all round companion to our larger front wings (1020, 920).

500 Carbon Anhedral Rear Wing
WINGSPAN: 500 mm / 19.69 in
CHORD: 90 mm / 3.54 in
ACTUAL AREA : 360.77 cm² / 55.92 IN²
PROJECTED AREA: 342.55 cm² / 214.35 IN²
VOLUME: 130.8 cm³ / 8 IN³

AXIS Red Standard Fuselage

The AXIS Red Standard Fuselage is a 3D CNC cut anodized aluminum fuselage, length is 765mm long. The Standard Fuselage is for a more stable foil ride.

AXIS 19mm Aluminum 680mm Foil Mast

The 68cm is the most common foil mast length for prone surf foiling and all round SUP.  If there is one size mast for SUP, prone surf, or wake foiling, the 68cm mast will be your choice. Also a great choice as a beginner Wing Foiler.