AXIS 2019 Race 40 Carbon Foilboard - Plate Mount

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We designed the AXIS RACE 40 Carbon foilboard so that it has the narrowest practical outline we could manage. We compensated the loss in volume by making the board quite deep. Roughly 100 mm at its thickest point. The position of the max depth is quite critical and comes with a lot of consideration. We put it under the front foot so the board has the best chance of bouncing back up during touch downs.
The outline of the AXIS Race 40 Carbon foilboard is shaped so when heeling over upwind the point of first contact with the water is also on the rail under the front foot – If the back hits first it throws you off balance much more aggressively. While we could talk all day about the design features we’d suggest you to take a close look at one in person, and see why this is the best production race board on the market.

Designed by pro foil racers Sam Bullock and Martin Dolenc.

Available in either Tuttle or Plate mount.

140 x 40cm

We make short batches of the Race 40 so plan accordingly when you order yours. Delivery time up to 2 months.