AXIS 2019 Maroro Carbon Hydrofoil

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When we took on the design of our foil program, we didn’t want just another product on the market. We wanted a new approach to how a foil should work, as well as help our customers to buy one foil that they can use as their main platform for many years.
We put a team of eight people together, all experts from various fields of aeronautics, engineering, and sailing hydrofoil design, along with foilers with many years of experience. Having such a team has enabled us to move fast and change the paradigm of how most companies see foiling today.

Our Maroro Foil is the outcome of our team’s efforts towards a modular design that follows the rider as their level evolves. The Maroro Foil is a high end / high performance freerace foil inspired by racing but made to have a super wide sweet spot. It is built with a current designed high aspect wing/mast set. Since we get most of our feedback from what works in racing, we knew that it was not necessary to make a low aspect foil to get the foil to be easy to ride or to foil up early.

The Maroro Foil mast is 100cm long, as longer masts help keep the board from hitting the water longer. Longer masts are the trend in racing as well as it gives you more room to keep the foil in the water at higher speeds and in choppier water. Our foil is fast but we don’t market it to only address the speed market. We are just trying to make the AXIS Maroro foil to have a wide range of easy ride characteristics and we managed to make it friendly to ride, so it’s a super fun foil to ride and play on. The truth is all foils ride very differently from each other and it takes time to get used to the uniqueness of each individual foil’s characteristics. We made the mast section as high performance as possible (stiff as hell and with a refined NACA section foil so it’s not going to be slow) and wanted to make a 100% carbon mast that would allow us to add more serious race wings to it in the future as we are working on that as well (all our wings are 100% carbon). Right now, our foil has a big sweet spot and does not become unruly at high speeds like most recreational foils so we are stoked about that. A lot of people are going to have a lot of fun on our foils.
Finally, the AXIS Maroro high performance Carbon foil is easy to travel with. The mast separates from the front wing and fuselage, while the rear wing is also a separate piece.
We realized that each person rides differently so instead of having the rider adjust to the foil, we wanted our foil to adjust to the rider’s style, needs, weight, and progression of learning. This is why we have made the rear wing adjustable, from aprx. 1.5 degrees to 5.5 degrees, although the optimal riding with less drag is between 3.6 to 4.6 degrees. We also provide the tools and instructions to our customers to adjust their rear wing with confidence.

The AXIS Maroro High Performance Carbon Foil connects to the AXIS Maroro boards via a Tuttle box.