AXIS 2019 Kink 45 Carbon Foil Board Tuttle Mount

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The AXIS Kink 45 Carbon foilboard is a new size addition to the highly successful AXIS carbon construction foil boards.

Made with 100% carbon, the Kink 45 Carbon board is feather light and strong. Deep beveled rails push the water when edging upwind, and the fuller volume in the middle and front part of the board help with those touch downs when learning jibing and foiling turns.

AXIS Kink Carbon foilboard

The rocker and double concave on the nose of the board help with lifting right back up with the board touches the water, and not slowing the ride when learning those foiling transitions.
The Kink 45 Carbon is a small board that acts big. With 20 litters volume you get plenty of float when you touch the water.

AXIS Kink Carbon foilboard Martin Dulenc La Ventana, Baja, Mexico 2019 hydrofoiling

We designed the Kink 45 Carbon with the intermediate and advanced riders in mind, who want one board that can do it all. And because of its size you can take it anywhere.
The Kink 45 Carbon is also practical for either traveling or for the lighter / smaller riders who don’t need a large board to learn on.

BOARD SIZE / Volume:

  •     105cm x 45cm (41.35inches x 17.71inches)
  •     Volume: 20 Ltrs
We made 2 different versions of the AXIS Kink 45 Carbon board:
  •     90mm plate version with tracks that can fit 90mm plate foils
  •     Tuttle mount for those foils with a Tuttle head (seen on the photos)

AXIS Kink Carbon 2019, La Ventana Baja Mexico Martin Dulenc big air foiling kitefoiling foilracing

We covered the top of the Kink 45 Carbon foilboard with our own EVA soft traction pad and the easily recognizable AXIS swirl design. The AXIS pad offers great traction, and it’s also very comfortable to ride for hours.

We expect many riders to use the AXIS Kink 45 Carbon as their strapless foilboard. That’s why we added a kick tail on the back of the board so you always know how far your rear foot is, as well as use it for those surf and transition carving moves.

Finally, the AXIS Kink 45 Carbon comes complete with the AXIS super flexible and strong foil straps, which were designed from scratch specifically for foiling. The front strap is AXIS’ proprietary one-piece V-strap which gives the rider a more centered stance on the board, while eliminating the need for multiple row inserts. The rear strap is the AXIS single strap, made really strong and flexible. Our foil straps have 3 different mounting holes on each side, to facilitate perfect fit and comfort. (Disclaimer from our design team: Our foilstraps might not look as blink as your favorite sneakers, but they are the best on the market in terms of quality, design and attention to functional detail)

AXIS Foilboard straps AXIS soft straps foiling straps

The AXIS Kink 45 Carbon foilboard is the ideal companion to the AXIS Freeride Foil.