AXIS 2019 Rakau 6'

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Surfers have been calling their boards a ‘stick’ for ever, and long before then the Maori people had their own word for a stick, Rakau. It also meant ‘weapon’. In 2019 we introduce this wooden weapon, the AXIS Rakau. Designed for powered strapped kitesurfing, this versatile collection of boards will take whatever you can throw at them. The EPS core has a 6mm Paulownia stringer, PVC reinforced deck, and tough oak veneer with 6 Oz. glass on top and 4 Oz glass below.

The 6’0” is a dedicated thruster for the big stuff, but the smaller shapes have 5 PVC reinforced futures fin boxes, and can be ridden Thruster or Quad. Versatility. The boards come fitted with an EVA deck grip and a leash plug. Sharing the same finely tuned family of shapes as the Kapua, the Rakau is the board to grab if you want to ride powered up, bust some big air, drop into the gaping maws of the ocean itself, or just enjoy the security of knowing your feet are happily strapped to your ‘stick’.

 6' x 18.5" x 2.25" 25.3ltrs