AXIS Foils 2023 SP 660 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

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The AXIS S-Series 660 Carbon front wing was designed with Surf Foiling in mind. As the smaller size of the new Surf Series wings, the 660 addresses the need of experienced surf foilers to ride bigger waves, with loose side to side turning and higher speeds.

The 660 Carbon front wing turns fast and effortlessly. It gives the rider the closest possible feeling of a riding a surf board. It's balance neutral, w/out requiring more front foot pressure as you carve or surf waves at speed.
The S-Series 660 Carbon front wing can equally ride slow and fast w/out any change on performance.  

Ideal for:
Prone foiling bigger waves
Tow-in foiling 
Kite Foiling freeride or waves

Technical Data
WINGSPAN: 660mm (26 inches)
CHORD: 200mm (0.787 inches)
ACTUAL AREA 1113 square cm / 173 square inches
PROJECTED AREA: 1034 square cm / 160 square inches
VOLUME: 1582 cubic cm / 97 cubic inches

Recommended use:
Surf Foiling in Medium / Large wave 
Tow Foiling in Medium / Large wave
KITE foiling / carving / wave riding

Suggested Rear Wing:
Rear Wing 370mm Regular Carbon
Rear Wing 400mm Regular Carbon

Suggested Fuselage lengths:
S-Series Short Fuselage (fast turning, with good balance of control)
S-Series Ultrashort Fuselage (super loose and fast turning - advanced level riders)

Sizes available:

Customer Quote:
"Super responsive wing, feels like a go cart though turns but also very smooth in chop/whitewater & forgiving when close to breaching."