AXIS 2021 Traction+ Straps/Pads

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We worked hard to design a pad/strap system that gives you an amazing board feel, comfort, but is also very easy to set up and go. The result was the AXIS Traction. The Traction pad/strap system is light weight, super comfortable, and high performing at the same time.
Variable density EVA makes the pad cushy and responsive, while the Poron XRD material absorbs every vibration and impact from the water chop or your jumps landings. Here at AXIS we have invested a lot of our time in impact technology and feel that Poron XRD is the absolutely best material for kiteboarding pads. Try out or pads/straps and you will immediately feel the difference. Our strap is made with CrossLink PE Foam, which is incredibly light, and has 100% rebound. What that means is that it won’t loose its shape and will be supportive after years and years of use.

Compatible with almost every kiteboard on the market. Or at least the ones that you should care about.

– Ultra light materials and sturdy construction.
– Wider strap system for ultimate lock and support.
– 4 different strap adjustments for maximum configuration for any style of riding and foot size.
– One size strap fits all feet.
– Dual PE Layers inside the straps, with 100% foam rebound. Incredibly lightweight and supportive.
– Dual Layer extra soft neoprene with no wrinkles when arched. Very stable and comfortable.
– Velcro straps are hidden under protective flap, good place to stash a spare hardware bolt should you ever need one.

With more kids and girls getting into the sport, we decided to design a footpad that is specifically made for smaller feet. We have the following 2 size pads available:

– The M/XL regular Traction Plus size (for anyone with 7+US foot size)
– The XS/S Traction Plus size (for anyone with 4US to 8US foot size)