AXIS ART v2 939

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The AXIS ART v2 is a brand-new foil series that sits between the AXIS Spitfire and ART PRO wing ranges, offering the perfect blend of the Spitfire’s powerful smooth carving, and the ART PRO’s low-drag glide and speed. The ART v2 is a High Aspect wing sporting an Aspect Ratio of ~10 across the series, fitting perfectly between the Spitfire(average 7.5 AR) and the ART PRO (12+ AR).

Wingers, whether you are free riding, wave riding or just chasing the ultimate in efficient cruising, you will love the speed, balance, stability, turning and carving of the ART v2 in all wind and water conditions. And if you are into freestyling, the ART v2 is reinforced with Ultra High Modulus carbon for extra rigidity and strength.

Sharing the Spitfire’s multitalented DNA, the ART v2 is also the wing that will give wing foilers the confidence to use it in other foiling disciplines such as prone, downwind, SUP, FoilDrive (FD), windsurf, wake or kite. It’s a front wing that excels at winging, and also holds its own in every other foiling discipline.

AXIS ART v2 is available in the following wingspan lengths: 
999 mm (area 1038cm2), 
939 mm (area 900cm2), 
879 mm (area 790cm2), 
Aspect Ratio of ~10

Notes from our design team:
The AXIS ART v2 is a foil that retains great glide and pump due to its span (like an ART PRO), while the reduced area in the tips allows us to retain the looser predictable turning characteristics of a much smaller wing. (similar to the Spitfire)
We achieved that by using a very tapered outline, we reduced the second moment of area for roll, and worked to achieve a perfectly elliptical span-wise lift distribution. 
We have strategically reinforced the ART v2 with military-grade Ultra High Modulus carbon in addition to our existing layups creating a stronger connection between the wing and the fuselage, which provides quicker response, better performance and additional strength.
The ART v2 comes with a unique waterproof  X-Ply / Mylar material bag with reinforcements, to keep your foil well-protected from impact, and elements.

ART v2 is optimised for the Black Advance+ fuselage range and is ideally paired with either the Skinny or smaller Progressive rear wing ranges.