AXIS Foils - Build Your Own Kite S-Series

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Build your foil the way you want!

You can now custom build your Kite S-Series Foil in any configuration possible!

Make sure to select Carbon, Aluminum 19mm or Aluminum 16mm when it comes to your masts, mounting plates and Mast Adapters if necessary. We will contact you if there are any items that are incompatible. We want you to be stoked with your new foil!

A Kite S-Series is different from our K-Series since it uses the S-Series Fuselage with wings small enough for kite foiling. For rigs with wings smaller than 660mm, you can configure those here.

It is not recommended to use wings larger than 750mm with 16mm masts.

When using the AXIS Carbon Mast, you do not need a plate or fuselage/mast adapter.

For further recommendations, consult product tab or reach out to us!

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