AXIS 2021 Grom Twintip Kiteboard

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Board ships with Fins and Pads/Straps only. Does not come with a Handle. AXIS Handles have sold out

The Ultimate board for kids, girls and lighter riders.

Our newest addition to the Division family is this little ripper designed especially for your little rippers or lightweight girls and guys, the Grom 115cm and Grom 125cm.
The AXIS Grom is softer and adds more flex, based on the Division construction and concept, compared to last year’s Grom, which was based on the Vanguard board.

We continued developing the Grom boards with a crew of frothers as young as 7 over in Safety Bay, West Australia. This board is a board for everyone – the Division, in 2 smaller packages.
Available in 2 sizes
AXIS Grom 115 x 37cm (ideal for kids and lighter girls)
AXIS Grom 125 x 38cm (ideal for girls and lighter teens)

Combined with our new Traction Small pads it’s a complete package designed for all the groms and lighter riders out there. Why should the big kids have all the fun? Speaking of fun, when the wind picks up and the kid isn’t using it, this little thing is the perfect big air tool

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