AXIS 2019 Limited IKA Carbon Twintip Kiteboard

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Board ships with Fins and Pads/Straps only. Does not come with a Handle.

The AXIS Limited IKA is the ultimate  Twin Tip Racing, weapon. This is the fastest board on every twin tip race, dominating the podium positions on every event.

In it’s core, the AXIS Limited IKA is the 2019 AXIS Limited 140 x 43cm model. But it has a few modifications that make it particularly fast when racing, while it’s incredibly stable under higher speeds, and crazy fast transitions. The racers on the AXIS Limited IKA immediately feel the difference, on speed, stability and control.

We started from the 2017 AXIS Limited outline, channels, rocker and FAT rail.
While we maintained the outline which has proved itself the past 3 years, we wanted to create a brand new base shape and a totally redesigned thickness flow. The base retains the key features that our riders loved in 2017, but we dialed them back by 70%, which reduces drag on the water. The new base makes the board even faster and more stable, while the tracking and smoothness of the ride are also improved.
Beneath the surface of the 100% biaxial carbon fibre top and bottom is a solid Paulownia wood core. A 12mm PU wall makes for a stronger rail that tracks and releases beautifully, while carefully placed uni-directional carbon controls flex at the tips, becoming progressively stiffer towards the centre.

For the 2019 AXIS Limited board, the rails are thinner than the FAT rail from 2017.
On the original carbon Limited from 2015, we had quite thin rails which made the board a bit nervous and super responsive.
By switching to the FAT rail in 2016, we gave to the Limited board unparalleled smoothness in choppy conditions. Although the 2016-2017 Limited was much better in choppy conditions we felt that sometimes the board missed some of the original crispness. Mostly in flat water conditions.
The thickness flow of the overall 2019 Limited board is the same as the year before, but a much more even thickness rail to rail. This gives a more predictable flex without point loading the laminate, which results in a stronger board. We have achieved this by studying the bending moments of various sections and comparing them from the original Limited 2015, to FAT rail 2016-17 to the new 2018 Limited board.
By scaling back the rail thickness, we created an incredible balance of smooth ride and crisp tracking. Nothing rides on the water like the AXIS Limited 2018 carbon board.

As an additional bonus the AXIS Limited 2019 is lighter, at aprx. 2.6kg

Twin Tip Racing, Fast riding with control and stability in every move. 100% carbon, ETR (Even Thickness Rail), stiff, lightweight and very smooth. When pushed it gives you huge airs and powerful tricks

AXIS 2019 Limited IKA kiteboard – twin tip racing – TTR – YOG – Youth Olympics – freeride – freestyle – carbon kiteboard – AXIS Kiteboarding, AXIS Limited is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders looking for the ultimate speed and control