AXIS 2019 Planq Wakestyle Kiteboard

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The Planq has been a continual progression spanning over Alex Lewis Hughes’ fourteen years of riding different Wakeskates behind a kite. Ideas come and go, new outlooks on what specifics work best for a Kite Wakeskates changed many times during this period. Riding some new Wakeskates recently once again changed his outlook on rocker lines and gave him a fresh perspective to work with for the AXIS Planq 42. Conventional wisdom told Alex that continuous rocker lines were best suited to Kite Wakeskates due to their generally less draggy nature, thus he had always used these type of rocker lines in his boards. With the new AXIS Planq 42 you can see a shifting paradigm, now we are working with hybrid 3-stage rocker lines that actually help give you the pop your searching for from a traditional Wakeskate, whilst helping keep the speed a continuous rocker line denotes.

The Planq is AXIS’ and Alex Lewis Hughes’ most specific wakeskate design yet and the closest feeling you can get to riding a regular Wakeskate, as such it can be ridden as effortlessly behind the cable or boat as it can behind the kite. The Planq is the most versatile cross-over/ multi platform board in Alex’ quiver and so it should be in yours.

Tech –
Full wood pressed construction with full length PU rails and tough slider base (same as on the Tranq). Also comes with inserts ready to drill out in your own time for both single fin placement and lock-ins (nubs, udders). Griptape top sheet.