AXIS 2019 Twin Wave Twintip Kiteboard

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Board ships with Fins and Pads/Straps only. Does not come with a Handle. AXIS Handles have sold out


In the AXIS mission has always been to offer products that enable the widest array of riders to enjoy the wind and water. In addition to specialized strapped, strapless and freestyle surfboards we wanted to bring surf-like riding to kiters who want to play on the waves The Twin Wave project started back in 2008-9, in an effort to bring surf-like riding feeling to kiters who only want to use a twin tip when they ride waves.

This project has evolved the past few years, and in 2018 it has become the AXIS Twin Wave 148. The Twin Wave is a 148cm long by 43cm wide twin tip, with a scaled down version of the surfboard rail. The stance has a directional bias, and the board can be configured with 4, 5 (recommended) or even 6 fin. We provide two 70mm G10 fins, one 80mm (as a center) and 50mm for the front fins.

On the water the board has a “locked-in” feeling, carves amazingly, and gives the smooth rail feeling that a surfboard has when riding waves.

Some of our riders have used the AXIS Twin Wave 148 on their downwinders and they claim it to be the ideal twin tip for the job.

Diving into the technical details of the Twin Wave, the V Spine bottom profile and the tucked rail allow this board to glide effortlessly from edge to edge. The Twin Wave is a directional twintip, with the tucked edges tapering into a harder edge at the tail. There are also multiple fin placements to accentuate the directional aspect of the board, or simply ride as a standard twintip. The Twin Wave is dedicated to the waves but also excels in the chop, not quite ready for a directional kite surfboard? Here is the perfect transition from a twintip into the progressive and dynamic world of kitesurfing.

Our tandem size and set up includes 2 sets of straps/pads.