Mystic 2010 Crossfire 5/3 DL Steamer Wetsuit

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Each year the Mystic Crossfire Steamer becomes the favorite kitesurfing and windsurfing specific wetsuit for colder water. This year is no exception. Designed for water warriors who don't want to compromise mobility, warmth and comfort which they ride in cold water and wind conditions.

There are many features that make the Mystic Crossfire 5/3 D/L Steamer 2010  a kitesurfing specific suit. From the way the seams are positioned to follow the body while riding, to the longer panels across the suit that maximize range of motion, to the arm and shoulder articulation specifically designed for the kitesurfing and windsurfing movements, to shin bone protectors that offer extra cushioning for when the board turns on your shins, to Aquaflush system that drains the water from your cuffs so you don't get "balloon" cuffs while riding!
There tons of features and technical details on the Mystic Crossfire 5/3 D/L Steamer for 2010. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details - these are the best wetsuits on the market - and they look sick too!

TRI/AIR Span neoprene
DURA Span neoprene
Glued & blindstitched seams
Glide skin collar
Flame skin chest panel
Back up layer
Blind zip
Water outlet
External Key pocket
Metalite cuffs
3D composite kneepads
Shin protection
Aquaflush leg panel