Mystic 2014 Warrior Waist Kitesurf Harness

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"Mystic Warrior - The most widely used piece of kiteboarding equipment all over the world"

For those of you who know the Mystic Warrior waist harness, you will see a number of features on the 2014 model that will make you very happy. For the kiters who haven't seen the Mystic Warrior yet, well you are up for a pleasant surprise.

Mystic believes that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, so we didn’t. But, Mystic did make it better. It’s even more comfortable, it’s had a stylish makeover and the addition of the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0 will undoubtedly make the 2014 Mystic Warrior waist harness your favorite part of your kiteboarding gear, for years and years.

The 2014 Mystic Warrior will surprise you with how comfortable it feels on your first ride. Even smoother outline and edges, better wrap around your back, and unbelievably comfortable. 

The anatomical plate inside the back of the harness will support you, taking the shape of your lower back. Amazing support, tremendous comfort and all the features you could ever need on a harness. Check out the new colors for 2014 and enjoy the most comfortable and high performing harness on the market.

  • 3D-Thermo Molded Foam Interior and Exterior
  • Anatomical Back Support
  • Double Power Leash Ring
  • HP System Fix
  • Spreader Protector / Padding
  • Covered Side Part
  • Clicker Bar 3.0 with Low Torque Fixation (2014)
  • Battle Belt Waist Closure
  • Safety Knife NOT included

The 2014 Mystic Warrior waist harness comes complete with:


It's hard work to take the best harness on the market and improve on it. The master human kinetics engineers at Mystic worked day and night to complete the most incredible harness you will have ever try. The edges around the harness are usually either too soft (so they don't offer much support) or too stiff, potentially injuring your skin or ribs. The Mystic Warrior outline material and design is just perfect. Forget about chafing, or stiff ribs.

Another improvement is the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar. On its 4th generation the Clicker bar is the simplest, yet safe, super easy to get in or out and most importantly, IT WILL NOT RIDE UP.

With adjustable controls on both left and right side, the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0 offers unparalleled support, comfort and safety on your harness. And with the new clicker system, you only have to unclick once and the harness is open, w/out the additional hassle of passing the webbing across. AMAZING and SIMPLE!

*Knife not included