Mystic 2014 Women's Diva 5/4 Fullsuit Backzip Wetsuit

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The women's Diva wetsuit is a fantastic wetsuit based on the features of the Majestic men's wetsuit. Together with Diva series in the harness range this is our most high end color and quality combination. It's loaded with features including: 100% M-Flex, liquid sealed, ultra lightweight foam, and ISO-prene mesh. It's also got an easy access back-zip and a reinforced chest panel for extra insulation. It's super light, super flexible and comes in two funky colour combinations.

The Mystic wetsuits are made with Feather Lite Neoprene. This revolutionary material makes our wetsuits lighter then ever! Feather lite neoprene has larger air cells in the neoprene which equals less density in the suits. Less density and the same volume is ultimately lighter which gives you a better riding feel.
A warm wetsuit is simply... important. You can ride longer, happier and into the winter months. We have introduced Teddyprene to the inside of our wetsuits. Teddyprene is a fleece layer specially designed for use in water. This material is an isolation layer between the skin and neoprene, which keeps the body warm at any time during your session.

Polygiene neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. The odor-free effect is guaranteed for the normal lifetime of the product and has been verified through field tests by leading brands as well as independent laboratory tests.
Sweat is odorless but helps create the perfect environment for odor-causing bacteria to multiply. When sweat mixes with odor-causing bacteria on fabrics, odor results. Polygiene uses natural silver salt, a highly effective antimicrobial agent, to safely inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. However, Polygiene does not affect the natural bacterial flora of your skin. And without odor-causing bacteria, you stay fresh.

Lightweight Neoprene
M-Flex (Tri-span) 100%
Teddy Prene (Plush) Inside
Critical Taping Inside
Debossed Cuffs
Diamond Kneepads
Non Slip Cuffs
Key Pocket
100% S-seams (Liquid Seals) Outside
Double Neck Construction
Velcro Ankle Closure
Backup Shield
Pk Backzip
Iso-prene Mesh Chest Panel