Mystic 2014 Women's Majestic Diva Waist Harness

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The brand new Mystic Majestic Diva waist harness is narrower than its predecessor, has more padding in all the areas that hug your profile. It's a multi-use harness, which means that you can use it for either kiteboarding or windsurfing with no modifications.

The anatomical plate inside the back of the harness will support every shape. Amazing support, tremendous comfort and all the features you could ever need on a harness. Check out the new Mystic Majestic Diva 2014 waist harness, and enjoy the most comfortable and high performing harness on the market.

Specialized petite shape
Extreme soft feel
Anatomical back support
Double power leash ring
HP system included (also usable as handle)
Covered side part
Key pocket
Soft neoprene edges
Spreader down system
Multi Clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
Spreader protector
Battle belt waist closure
The 2014 Mystic Warrior waist harness comes complete with:
New Clicker Spreader Bar with integrated pad.
Handlepass system on the back of the harness
Multi Clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
Spreader protector


Does not come with Knife