Mystic 2015 Crossfire 4/3 Shortleg Backzip Wetsuit

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Designed especially with kite, windsurfers and wakeboarders in mind, this back zip suit has 60% M-Flex neoprene, the aqua-flush system, strategically placed flex panels providing added freedom of movement where you need it most and built in shock absorbing shin protectors.

The Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Shortleg s a unique steamer suit. While it's made for the mid season temperatures, it's ideal for water / wind temperatures from 55 to 70F (12 to 20C). Since it is a steamer it comes with all the features of the cold weather Mystic Crossfire suits, with the Flameskin chest panel, Blind zip, Back Up, Water Outlet, and 3D Composite Kneepads.

The length of the suit goes over the knee, so it offers a unique protection below the knee, and leaves the cuffs exposed. If you are in an area where the water and wind temperatures are between 55 to 70F and you are tired of your old wetsuit shooting water under the ankles all the time, this wetsuit can do miracles.  

Technical features
• M-Flex (tri-span) 70%
• Polar lining (plush) inside
• GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
• Critical taping inside
• Double neck construction
• Overhead backup
• 4-way stretch kneepads
• Debossed non slip cuffs
• Key pocket
• Lining saver
Feather Lite Neoprene