Mystic 2018 Majestic X Carbon Hardshell Harness

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The Majestic X hard-shell harness is designed by using cutting edge technologies and is built around the stiff and lightweight Bionic Core Frame, featuring an unequalled carbon construction! The specific placement of the fibers allows a frame that is extremely stiff, while maintaining the flex diagonally. The Majestic X is the most advanced harness that gives you optimal support and is still able to twist and follow your body!
  • Bionic Core Frame
  • 3D Molded Foam Frame
  • IV-Foam
  • Soft Neoprene Edges
  • HP Sytsem Included
  • Covered Side Parts
  • Key Pocket
  • Spreaderbar Protector
  • Battle Belt Waist Closure
  • Multispreader Bar Clickerbar 3.0
  • Leash Eye

Comes with MultiSpreader Bar Clickerbar 3.0 Hook

The Majestic X is MYSTICS newest version of a hard shell harness. The harness is built around the patented bionic core frame which is a semi rigid back support plate; its unique composite material is very stiff yet it allows more flexibility than conventional hard-shells. The Majestic X is an evolution on the very well-known Majestic harness with clear influences from todays trend in hard-shell harnesses. The full carbon Bionic Core Frame is stiff in the horizontal direction but is still able to twist and follow your body. The shape and the dual layer build up makes bionic core frame very rigid but this also allows us to keep some flexibility. The inside of the Majestic X harness features an IV-Foam. This intelligent viscoelastic foam really sets to your body shape maximises the comfort and helps the harness stay put. The left and the right hip areas have thermo molded foam parts for a good grip on your waist.

The Majestic X Kite Waist Harness is available with a traditional spreaderbar. The patented Bionic Core Frame is made from a thermoplastic composite made out of full carbon fiber. However it is not like the carbon you are used to. Instead of using an epoxy resin (thermoset) Mystic use a thermoplastic resin. This gives Mystic a number of interesting features in production but the most important feature is that the material is 200% stronger than its epoxy counterpart against impact. The design and material allow the Bionic core frame to flex more than a comparable epoxy shell. The process of making thermoplastic composite is a very advanced technology done by a german specialist. The construction method of forming the Bionic Core Frame is done by Mystic's partner in Italy. The specialized process in which the thermoplastic material is formed is done with extreme pressure. All steps of the process are equally important and all come together in the Mystic Majestic X.