Ozone Reo V5

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Since its introduction six years ago the Reo has been the reference for pure wave riding, setting the benchmark in performance and feeling.

For bridle placement, and further product info, check out our blog post here.

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The Reo’s unique flying characteristics allow you to maximize the potential of every wave, giving you the freedom to smash the lip, clear a section, carve turns or snap in the pocket. Fast direct handling and perfect drift combined with amazing de-power and the ability to absorb gusts means you can choose exactly where you want to place yourself on a wave to make that next move.

The Reo V5 features our innovative Variable Bridle Geometry (VBG). The new bridle settings extend the kites operating range, bringing another level of versatility to this already outstanding design.
Ozone Reo V5 Bridles

SETTING 1: The way we know and love the Reo - a balanced and refined feeling from the kite with good forward speed perfect for most conditions, and excelling in cross to cross-off winds. The kite can sit further to the edge of the wind window when de-powered, drifting as you ride down the line. Setting 1 is the upper knot on the VBG Pigtails.
Ozone Reo V5 Bridles Upper Knot

SETTING 2: A new feeling and characteristics - the kite sits a little further back in the wind window and tackles onshore conditions with ease. Increased bar pressure improves feeling from the kite when a wave is pushing with the wind. If you prefer a slightly heavier feel this could be the setting for you. Setting 2 is the lower knot on the VBG Pigtails.
Ozone Reo V5 Bridles Lower Knot

The Reo V5 features our new stronger and lighter strut construction. The wingtip shape has also been refined with our new tapered tip and slim line deflector. We understand the importance of aerodynamics and weight saving especially on a kite where drift is imperative, so every detail has been refined to be as light as possible while maintaining the strength and integrity you expect from an Ozone product.

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We’ve maintained the quick and easy re-launch - by turning the bar or using the Re-launch Balls on the leader lines, the Reo V5 will roll over and take off from the water in an instant. This is especially helpful if you’re stuck in the impact zone and need to get out of there fast!

  •     Designed With OZ-CAD
  •     Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction
  •     Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron
  •     4-line Pulley-less System
  •     Two Variable Bridle Geometry settings
  •     High volume inflate/deflate valve
  •     Back-line trimming options
  •     Fool proof line connectors
  •     Tuned Bridle Geometry
  •     Anti-Snag line deflectors
  •     Anti-Flap Soft Battens
  •     Direct Connect Struts
  •     Unique bladder construction
  •     Double Stitched Folded Seams
  •     Internal reinforcements
  •     Load Distribution Panels
  •     Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  •     Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts
  •     Reinforced Trailing Edge

Package Contents
Kite Only

  • Kite
  • Large technical bag
  • Repair pack
  • Manual
  • Stickers, keyring


  • All items from Kite Only package
  • Bar with 25m lines
  • Leash