RRD 2011 Domingo Surf Kiteboard

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I want to ride, I want to learn how to Jibe a kiteboard. I do not care what the wind does as long as my kite can fly I want to hit the water and go. This is what the Domingo is made for. No snobby attitudes waiting only for the"perect day", but only one truth: On my day off I must kite, no matter what. For this the Domingo can be ridden for fast long rides up and down the coast, screaming pass those twintip boards, and still be able to use it when the waves come up a bit. The board can be used both in wave setting with 2 straps and the G-5 thruster fin set or in freeride setting with 3 straps two side fins and one oversize 14 cms center fin. Anything else?

Board is not sold with fins or straps. Final sale.

Size 5'8" x 21 x 2 1/4"